Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Enlil and Dagan/Dagon

Well, young feller, you mustn't take too much stock in what people around here say.  They're hard to get started but once they do get started they never seem to let up.

The Shadow over Innsmouth, H.P. Lovecraft

With the rash of spectacular assaults by the Storm Gods upon the Earth one would be forgiven for thinking these Gods should be more associated with apocalypse than with fertility nevertheless throughout our history the Storm Lord is always associated with the crops and the tools we use to grow them.  The Storm Gods of ages past wanted to depopulate the Earth as humans had bred to unprecedented numbers and the noise irritated them but lightning is a vital component in the nitrogen cycle that feeds us especially in the times that these lords were well-venerated. 

For many years now I have worked with Enlil (in the form of the Raven) as my patron deity using standard codes from the world of Hermetic Qabalah - blue, the number four, planetary ''Jupiter'' hours and the principles of mercy and charity.  In over four years of work I have rarely missed a weekly incantation or evocation and toast to this ancient storm lord.  As part of the Jupiter work I went to the Temple of Zeus in Katakalon last Summer as an ''emissary'' from my own ''Jupiterian'' deity and supercharged my blue suit and my moldavite anti-time amulet in the grounds of the archaeological site.  One day I hope to go to Nippur - the ''mooring rope'' - but this is beyond my range at the moment.* The results have been completely transformative, overhauling my entire life (in a positive way) and almost always occur on Thursdays with features of the standard code listed above - raising issues that lead me to the free-will/determinism/time-travel work with Raziel, whether the various signatures (physical, linguistic and mathematical) act as strange attractors (and are the cause!) or whether I am mirroring a pre-existing history and that magic itself is not free.

As part of my celebrations of the 80th anniversary of the death of H.P.Lovecraft my theatre company remounted our original work - Lovecraft! - The Musical - this last Halloween Saturday.  For fans of the eldritch master the story is a blend of From Beyond, The Temple, Dagon and The Shadow over Innsmouth with an Arkham Asylum connecting structure and features Dagon as the principal protagonist.  I last staged the show in 2012 before I started the work with Enlil and I was very much surprised to find that Dagon/Dagan is either conterminous with the Sumerian storm god or his son and is also considered to be a god of the grain (dgn is the root for grain).  Comparing and contrasting my new research with the material in the play I was surprised to find various synchronicities with other Sumerian or Jupiterian myths as Dagon enters the Asylum to rescue the ''frog princess'' by shape-shifting, similar to the way Enlil navigates the underworld and captures Ninlil.

We were treated to two brutal storms in the immediate aftermath of each show and although theatrical ritual is the most powerful I no longer think of these rituals as magickal causes so much as rites that are ''timed'' to happen at the same time as the inevitable (although this year super charged because of environmental change) storms.  I might think I am doing the ''timing'' but this is delusional, I know only one iota of the workings of my own mind let alone that of higher dimensional entities that might treat reality like a notepad.  It is not so much an act of summoning the storm as much as it is the storm summoning me.  This ''de-centralizing'' of the magical act - no longer ''I am the boss twisting reality/probability around me with my strangely attractive sigils'', or whatever, but that cause and effect are entangled - reduces the selfishness and ego that is at the heart of many sorcerors' efforts and sublimates it into wizardry.  I don't do the magic but the magic is done through me.

You ought to hear though what some of the ol' timers tell about the black reef off the coast - Devil's Reef they call it.  Its well above water the most part of the time and never much below it but at that you could hardly call it an island.  The story is that there is a whole legion of devils seen sometimes on the reef - sprawled about, or darting in and out of some kind of caves near the top.

H.P. Lovecraft, The Shadow over Innsmouth

*Would ziggurats have been the focal point for lightning strikes?

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Blogos, Blogging and the Blogosphere

Boy that MC Hammer.  That was another boat that left me on the island. 
''Bill are you going to get on the Hammer boat with us?''
No, I'd rather stay here and eat my own flesh.

Bill Hicks

The reasons I maintain and will continue to maintain the Blogos are few and simple.  In order of importance:

1) To sharpen and focus my own ideas by forcing them into vaguely coherent (at least to myself) paragraphs
2) To read others ideas on similar topics to my own and grow from dialogue with those ideas 
3) To engage in the debate surrounding the direction of Occulture

1) Journalling this way was and is a good habit to maintain. Having to construct these essays is far more challenging than chatting, emojiing and giffing and, let's face it, you are what you do - if 10000 hours are required to be an expert in anything I'd rather that be metaphysical essays than social media chitchat. In terms of pure exercise its as good for the brain as an hour of mathematics and its better for the soul.  I have found it extremely useful to observe other people's journals and their own wrestling with this medium - particular the work of Disrupt and Repair whose Hazy Shade of Winter prompted this reflection - taking encouragement and inspiration along with formative disagreement from many of them.

2) is not satisfied by Facebook or other social media.  Facebook is generally a nihilistic experience of scrolling through advertising and examples of banality/mediocrity punctuated by various people screaming their hearts out from tiny little blue comment (Skinner) boxes.  Constructive debate is extremely difficult to find/sustain partially due to the format but mostly due to random people who don't really know how to write or form coherent ideas just pitching in and derailing it - if not then a notable occultnik falls prey to the demon of chat and the usefulness ends shortly thereafter.  I find it fundamentally demeaning and avoid it like toxic sludge.

Although FB can definitely be blamed in the most part for the decline in the quality of esoteric exchange no small part was played by Social Magic Reactions, at times wry, clever and observant, at times a game of ''shoot the noob'' and at times verging on cyber bullying.  It acted as a very powerful discouragement for certain people to share their ideas, compromised a chunk of the blogosphere, and I think the deity behind this was probably content with the damage it caused (if I understand how it originated correctly).   You could argue that this damage was surgical (that some people should not be allowed to share and therefore SMR acted as a kind of immune response?) but sometimes the maiming got way out of hand in my opinion. 

In terms of the privatisation of the blogosphere by various parties... well, fair enough right? It was their business and in many ways they built the scene so why not capitalise on that?  One only hopes they haven't killed the Golden Goose.

3) I feel that the Blogos has contributed in a number of ways:

- the work on cellular consciousness and the crossovers between cell biology /molecular genetics and esotericism is still cutting edge and probably revolutionary
- the work on Qabalah culminating in the Saadia Tree arrangement and the productive discussion with many regarding the Tree of Life
- the more complicated and difficult to express work on time travel as the unifying theory of the esoteric experience (although I admit I have enormous fun trying to get my head around what Raziel is communicating to me)

I realise at times my writing style may be either inaccessible for a variety of reasons (coherence, sophistication or otherwise lack thereof, required background knowledge, attempting to express ''non-expressible'' experience, etc) but I refuse to dumb down (or tone up!) to acquire a larger audience of people I am not interested in.

To those leaving the Blogosphere good luck on your travels through the rest of this experience. Disrupt and Repair you demonstrated a powerful intellect at work on tricky matters with a unique trajectory and will certainly be missed when you close the blog, I enjoyed both the complexity and sensitivity of your posts. Trainee Golem Builder you were a fellow Kabbalist and a rare resource in these dark times.  I took inspiration from the way you structured your own learning and the very high goals you set yourself.  Continuous peace and unending megablessings to you both.

Who knows what will happen to this dimension in the future?  I imagine it will depopulate like an abandoned level in World of Warcraft, only those souls remaining that cannot give up on the dream.  Who knows, who even cares?  I'll be here for the forseeable.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Anti-Time Clones and the Blessing of Yesterdays

Last night I had another one of those David Lynch dreams.  He (Raziel?) was explaining to me the concept of time travel specifically the relationship between time and anti-time (consciousness).  I was confused by the idea that anti-time runs against the flow of time (remembering past lives, predicting, analysing or otherwise side-stepping, prophesising the future, etc) as any point of contact between the two wouldn't form a realisable perception because the two perceptual faces couldn't be resolved into a single experience as you would be facing both ways.  He explained to me that although anti-time runs against the flow of time it does so as if it were a car reversing so the face of time and anti-time always face the same way.

Imagine two (infinite?) queues of clones - a realisable perception of the moment would only occur at a point of contact between two clones in the parallel lines since both time and anti-time are necessary for that to happen.   The line of anti-time clones are walking backwards, the line of time clones forwards so the clones don't move in pairs but are always changing partners.  ''You'' are not a time-clone on a journey through - the sense of ''you'' emerges as a contact between the opposing parallel clones - a time spark (Yechidah/Chiah?).  Since they are clones however the memories of past and future are shared, so by accelerating one line you can bring a different contact between a time clone and an anti-time clone at some point in the future or past.

This dream was caused by a thought experiment about a spell I call ''The Blessing of Yesterdays'' a time spell whereby at the end of each day you bless the day before.  After getting into the habit of this your future self will theoretically bless today from tomorrow.  This dream message seemed to be explaining some of the mechanism for how that works - a theory of assymetric trans-temporal magic challenging the inherent presentism of mainstream occulture.

This has not however stopped their earnings from pushing back the boundaries of hyper-mathematics, and their chief research accountant has recently been appointed professor of neo-mathematics at the University of Maximegalon, in recognition of both his special and general theories of Disaster Area tax returns, in which he proves that the whole fabric of the space-time continuum is not merely curved, it is, in fact, totally bent.

Disaster Area, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

Monday, October 9, 2017

Should non Jews practice the Kabbalah?

So the other day I chanced upon a comment from an associate of mine which said that you should not practice the Jewish Kabbalah if you are not Jewish.  My first reaction was, of course, how could I ever possibly un-practice and un-direct experience those years of my life spent in transgression or whether I am completely beyond saving?  Then, taking a moment to quell my rising panic, I began to reflect on the implications of this latest edict as a great portion of the Western Mystery Tradition from the high Middle Ages and the Renaissance has been the study and practice of the Jewish Kabbalah - be it Gematria or working with Hebrew angels.  If you are not Jewish surely you can't practice Christian Cabala instead - a much bastardised and culturally appropriated form of the system - that would only add insult to injury?  Hermetic Qabalah is possibly even more criminal. The only solution would be to completely amputate the Kabbalah and all related subjects from the canon of the WMT so no one would ever run the risk of even accidentally breaching this edict.  You see how dangerous this line of thinking rapidly becomes?

The truth is that the Jews, like all races and religions do not exist in a vaccuum, there is/was considerable cultural mingling with everyone around them in ''the beginning'' (if there is such a clear date in historical reality) and in the diaspora afterwards.  The Kabbalah, in the sense of that understanding of a universal system begun in the 11th century (which itself is clearly influenced by Catharism and accompanying beliefs, Catharism itself a migrating system from the East) has its roots in the cosmopolitan culture of the Levant and Mesopotamia in the early parts of the 1st millenium (Sefer Yetzirah, etc) and many more influences which extend back into the dawn of civilization (Egyptian letter magic, Babylonian astrology, Zoroastrian Angels, Greek philosophy and mathematics, etc).  While the Jews made contributions and produced a fusion of the ideas that was all their own, there are a variety of similar works in letter magic all over the world.  The position is, of course, absurd, full of contradictions and ill-considered consequences.  If upheld the logical conclusion would be that no person who is not of a race or religion should practice that culture - what does this do to Paganism in the larger setting?  Can only people who prove they are authentically Greek (whatever that means considering the Slavic influence) work with the Greek Pantheon etc etc?   What about Egyptian magic?  Is Josephine McCarthy, for example, authentically an ancient Egyptian? If I am "English'' does that mean I can only work with the English Cabala instead? Spare me this madness at least!

This brings us back to the subject of reincarnation and that it is a widely held belief in the esoteric community that few seem to genuinely embrace.  Have I only been reincarnated from within my DNA's own timeline?  Can I only investigate something I have ''physical'' genetic roots in?  We must have a racially secure and culturally homogenous esoteric experience!  What??? - this is creepy.  Having been an animal, or a differently coloured, differently abled human in past lives, (and an angel in future lives), our experience creates compassion for animals, differently coloured, differently abled people and angels - leading to a more tolerant personality and a kindness towards all life-forms.  When we tap into that trans-temporal self we enable kindness, forgiveness, curiosity and wonder towards all life and consciousness.  On the other hand what I see continuing to rise, in comments from within our community like the above, is conservatism, judgement, constriction, boundaries and division.  I think the root of it might be a lack of creativity in certain quarters and a corresponding desire to shut down wonder and imagination - who knows?

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Quarry of Magic Strange II - Entangled with Entanglement

Cooper, this is a portal, cutting through space-time, we're seeing into the heart of a galaxy so far away we don't know where it is in the universe.

Romilly, Interstellar

The other evening found me in a conference room in the Marriott with a group of famous actors (including Orlando Bloom), producers from Legendary and Amazon and several casting directors, where I was reading the screen direction for an upcoming TV series.  As I was walking down to the reading I had two distinct feelings: one, that there is no upper limit on Jupiter magic there is only an upper limit on a magician's consistency; second, that I was almost definitely living inside a dream. Like most Twin Peaks - The Return fans I was left [found myself] somewhat discombobulated by the finale - adrift like Richard Cooper in a maddening dream universe of shifting timelines that was possibly the creation of an extreme negative entity and it reaffirmed my belief that Lynch is a far greater authority on the nature of reality than showboat scientists like Bill Nye or Richard Dawkins.  As I walked down the street to the reading my heart changed, I stopped feeling like Richard Cooper and started feeling [and walking] more like [my idea of] Philip Jeffries, more used to this new way of experiencing time-sliding through reality.

As I entered the room a delightful synchronicity happened for amongst the famous actors I was reading with was David Gyasi - the actor from Interstellar, who deployed the pen and paper metaphor for explaining wormholes that I referenced in the Quarry of Magic Strange.  Similar to the Alice Entanglement had I now become entangled with my idea of entanglement!?  Was I always entangled with entanglement?  During the reading I had to dramatically describe everything that happened during the show (on camera) and I realised afterwards that I had just had the biggest break thus far but as I went to sleep my delusions of glory faded and the thought of that pen and paper returned to haunt me. The pen/paper wormhole model is always presented as a metaphor but what if it was literal, the fabric of time and space, a literal scroll, the pen a literal pen for writing - and for poking holes in the story. Like Cooper* was I/am I a character in a saga, could I fall through a hole into the 'real world'?  Am I time-sliding or does it only feel like that? Am I playable or non-playable?  Am I being played? My mind returned to conversations with Bridges about higher dimensional entities using ''pentatopes'' like pencils to ''write'' on reality - maktub - something like the squid things from the Arrival.  After hours of sleeplessness I fell into some feverish nightmares.

Many people watching the end of Twin Peaks edited their memory so the last line was ''What year is it?'' instead of ''What year is this?''  as the real line is even more disorientating.  Similarly I find that a lot of magicians hold and present certain beliefs without ever really examining them or considering their implications - a kind of esoteric virtue signalling.  I know a lot who believe in reincarnation but few who really live that belief, who live as a reincarnating soul rather than simply their current incarnation who happens to believe in reincarnation.  Its one thing to talk about magic acting on quantum probabilities [or whatever] and another to consider what parallel universes really means for any concrete idea of a self - it is one thing to believe in destiny it is entirely something else to live it.

''So you can take a shortcut across a higher dimension.  But to show that, they've turned three dimensional space into two dimensions.  Which turns the wormhole into two dimensions... a circle.  but what's a circle in three dimensions?''
''A sphere.''
''Exactly.  A spherical hole.  And who put it there?  Who do we thank?''
''I am not thanking anyone until we get through it in one piece.''

Romilly and Cooper, Interstellar

*Cooper is also the name of the protagonist in Interstellar - what does a Cooper do?  They makes and repair barrels, this resonates with the Shevirat ha Kelim - Cooper as the repairer of barrels is the force of Tikkun, i.e. Messianic.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mages, Sorcerers and Wizards

How come no-one says ''wizard'' anymore?

Darth Vader, Robot Chicken

I found the graph on a dungeons and dragons website but it kind of sums up the sense I am getting from all the constructive friction between these two opposing groups.  There also seems to be a correlation between the assumed title of magus and transcendentalist approaches and the assumed title of sorcerer and immanent approaches.  The Magus seems focused on a series of psycho-spiritual initiations in order to access the beyond whereas the Sorcerer seems unconcerned with this and primarily uses magic to satisfy earthly desires.  Generalising, ''sorcerers'' seem absolutely convinced that this is the 'real world', have no questions about it, and their ''results'' oriented modus operandi seems to be entirely about physical gratification - as Rufus stated in a recent post ''getting laid or getting paid'' - as opposed to more philosophical/metaphysical inquiry.  ''Magi'' on the other hand often seem to present an aloof ''qabalistic'' philosophy that puts them on a trajectory to a beyond outside of this dimension (and better than yours...), a transcendental ''other'' - whereas Sorcerers are just ''missioning'' about in this one; getting in adventures and such.

Our graph needs a z axis though! I remain unconvinced of the immanent in the sense of a shared physical world because I have never directly experienced it, only indirectly through the intelligibility of my senses to my [idea of my] self - I am also unclear as to whether this reality is ''editable'' in any sense which would pour doubt on the notion of sorcery itself.  Similarly I am not convinced of an accessible beyond mainly due to the problems that come about with trying to understand/experience infinity - i.e. that it can have no position or size etc therefore it is impossible to actually ''go there''.  Any other dimensions we are accessing that we might consider a beyond, are still natural, we don't need a ''supernatural'' persay. I think the dichotomy between spirit and matter outlives its usefulness fairly rapidly and we're going to find ourselves a lot less limited if we start rethinking our models in terms of time and anti-time (consciousness).  I don't think we need a ''physical'' and a ''spiritual'' with a neat little dividing membrane that the spirits live behind I think the notion of an entangled ball of threads of time and anti-time with no actual ''base'' physical/spiritual reality will provide a lot more explanatory force in the long run.

So this brings me to wizards (!) and why I am bringing them back.  Looking at the above most of us in the community are in fact wizards, we exist in the social-spaces between players at the extremes learning from both and concocting our own fusion, our own lines on the graph, philosophies bending and twisting under various influences.  Its not as simple as ''sorcerers'' or ''mages'' being right or wrong - neither the transcendental nor the immanent are actually understood by any of these people - its almost certainly a bewitching mix of the two or a paradigm shifting concoction (the z axis) that few of us have even yet conceived.

Wizard! I'm bringing it back.

Darth Vader, Robot Chicken