Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Tree of Life - Summoning the Letter M

Three Mothers Alef, Mem and Shin
are Air, Water and Fire
The nature of the heavens is fire
The nature of air is wind
The nature of water is earth
Fire ascends and water descends
And wind balances between the two.
Mem is silent, Shin is sibilant
And Alef balances between the two.

Sefer Yetzirah 3:3, Saadia Version

During the Sefer Yetzirah study myself and my fellow students worked with a letter per month over the course of 22 months.  We followed this for a further 22 months studying their Kingships.  The original impetus behind the work was the request from Raziel to ''study the letters of our names''.  I felt that the letters in the name of each angel formed some kind of code and by understanding the letters I would understand more of the totality of the angel.  The details of such work varied between the students - some more research based, others meditative and others more practical.  Various Kabbalistic/Yetziratic methods were used - Tzeruf for example - alongside others with a more hermetic bent who continued to explore them through associated forms like Tarot.  Letters were pursued in vision and along the paths.  During the work each letter seemed to resonate like a glass or ceramic vessel until it cracked open and released a spirit - more often than not physical phenomena associated with the letter accompanied this spirit. In sharing a small account of an example of this work I hope that other practitioners will find new ways of working and different ways of looking at their Arts.

I had been working on summoning Mem (the letter M) for a few days - letting my mind obsess over it and its accompanying symbols/kingships of waves and water (MYM), thinking of words that began with the letter M, humming (M hums, Sh hisses), writing out the letter over and over, and whenever I broke from these concentrations guiding myself back on to the path.  My mind thus excited I pursued the letter on the astral - carving into the membrane of my vision and letting the light spill through the gate.  The letter would fluctuate, change shape, elude me, multiply, flash and then it was held.  A letter engaved on the clay of the mind carved out, quarried, and finally sculpted from the stuff of the astral. People speak to a variety of lunar deities, some speak to the Moon, but very few seek to speak to the letter M herself.

After several days of this, one afternoon I returned from work to find that a giant M had been constructed in scaffolding over the back of the building I was renting, the landlord was doing some work on the windows in my upper floor flat.  I entered the room and looked out through my window, through the M, and was amazed by a beautiful sunset that cast a golden light on a pyramid shaped building in the city, an approaching rainstorm and a gigantic double rainbow.  The letter cracked open like a chocolate egg in my mind and a delicious caramel of mystical ecstasy flowed through my blood.  I left the flat walking through the M on my house towards the M in the sky over the city.  My heart was racing, and my mind, stunned but beginning to interpret the phenomena as I went towards it.  As my mind operated on the experience of the event, I could feel it working like an enzyme, breaking down the experience through analysis, turning it into words, robbing me of direct experience and as this happened the rain clouds drew ever closer.  I turned a bend in the road and a swan, out of nowhere, fell from the sky and crashed into the pavement.  I stopped.  This swan was a symbol for my heart, brought down from the mystical, magickal experience through too much interpretation and analysis in those first few minutes.  It turns out that when the emergency services arrived to rescue the bird that it had crashed because it was dehydrated.

It is difficult to maintain what Kaplan refers to as Chokmah consciousness or non verbal consciousness.  One of the leading causes of failure in astral work is that you will analyse the experience you are having (turn it into words) causing it to break up or corrupting it with your preconceptions and judgements.  Judgement is the root of the shattering. In learning how to explore visions and experiences like this, Kaplan suggests that your consciousness is a penduluum you learn to swing longer into Chokmah ever extending your time in this state but when your heart runs returning to the place.  Mystical and magickal pursuit of the letters themselves enriches your mind and your experience of reality.  Rather than simply spending your time with spirits and other characters from the Book of Time you are reaching into the principles of the enchanted language itself - a chemistry of spirits, not a sociology.  You learn to see past the exterior of the being and into the code itself. Like the genetic physiognomy discussed throughout the Hermetic Lessons, Kabbalistic work with the letters lets you reach into the physiognomy of spirit itself.  And like the last fifteen years of experiences, I am ever thankful to Raziel for showing me the way.

He bound the twenty two letters to his tongue,
And revealed to him their foundation.
He drew them in water,
He flamed them in fire,
He gave them sound with breath,
He ignited them with the seven planets
And directed them with twelve constellations.

Sefer Yetzirah 6:4, Gra Version

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Astral Projection - Failures and Analyses

Since my recent experience with the angelic alien insects I have made several attempts to go on the astral plane that have resulted in failure.  I want to describe and analyse my failed attempts now and what I can learn from the mistakes.

On my first attempt after the experience, I managed to get on the astral although the plane was not as inviting (the weather was not as good I suppose you could say) and I didn't really have a clear intention when I went on.  As I cleared the ''psychic gravity well'' of Earth I decided to attempt to astrally project to Venus because it had been very clear in the sky.  I stated my destination and began to move through the astral.  I felt like I had entered some kind of flesh-coloured pulsing tesselating tunnel which seemed very Venutian.  I travelled down the tunnel and then ''saw the light'' at the end. The tunnel opened out on to what was some kind of viciously hostile atmosphere, I could see clouds of gas lit by lightning and I worried that if I left the tunnel I might be consumed.  After getting the fear like this my experience broke up.

During the second attempt I made a big mistake.  I was lying on my back staring forwards and used a ''climbing the ladder'' model of pulling instead of the more recent innovation of the ''rowing'' model of pulling.  What this effectively had me do is ''climb'' at 90 degrees to my intended direction (up) as I was imagining my hands actually climbing and I was lying down.  I was so into my climbing that I was concentrating on the ladder model more than where I was in the astral.  When I stopped ''climbing'' and decided to look around me it was clear that I was still very much on Earth as nothing was happening - I had moved in completely the wrong direction.  I reverted to the rowing model and also just focused on my head as the ''boat'' and the oars being where my ears are.  I moved forward (up) rapidly in this manner, but again I was more focused on practising technique than on destination. I stopped and looked around me and the astral environment was rich with potential but I realised I didn't have any goal so I just let myself float back down.

I just want to discuss some matter arising from this:

  • Does the activity of certain planets and the Sun make for a more difficult/easy launch? I will make sure to make notes on astral weather using my planetary calculator (paying attention to the Moon) and also check before working to see if there is any correlation between the richness of the astral environment and solar activity (geomagnetic storms, CMEs, flares, spots, etc)  
  • What's in my blood/brain?  For the last few weeks I have been taking painkillers for my teeth and the excessive use of ibuprofen definitely dulls the light.  Note what is in my blood.
  • State your destination?  There are two types of people when it comes to remembering long forgotten things.  People who go ''it'll come to me'' then forget that they are trying to remember and then the information comes to them in a few moments vs people who actively try to remember and sit there straining at it for five minutes.  I think this is the difference between using your mind/brain and being your mind/brain.  Since I am one of the former I have been increasingly training my mind/brain to do tasks that I do not have to concentrate on, stuff that it can just run in the background so to speak.  I have been applying this to the astral for some time, not worrying too much about which angle I am facing to make it to my destination but asking my brain to do the necessary maths on trajectory for me.   This generally works really well.
  • Have a destination?  I am intending to be systematic about my astral work this year and get to know local space as intimately as possible.  In the recent case of the insects I have a feeling that I moved so fast that I not only projected in space but also in time.  I got the sense that I was really far out there, remote from Earth and the present - what Mage the RPG used to call the Deep Umbra.  Although I think I will find things on the planets that will kick me off, I am going to dedicate an evening each week to attempt to project to one of them. 
  • Is the rowing model better than ladder model?  In Egyptian Mythology and elsewhere we have this notion of rowing through the Underworld bearing in mind that the Underworld can actually be referring to space and in Jewish mysticism the idea of Jacob's Ladder is frequently used when describing scaling the heights of heaven.  I have generally had more success with the rowing model although I have not described or directly experienced it in this way before the feeling of rowing seems to resonate more than the feeling of climbing.  It seems easy to imagine rowing with your ears (I know how weird this sounds, but in muscles of the mask Raziel made some good points on how to use facial muscles and so on to ''inflect'' the astral and I have made great headway with this technique) and less likely to make a mistake by attempting to use your body, deviate in your perception to an objectified view of the self and thereby negate the astral view.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fourteen Minotaurs - Response and Clarification

Andrew, in his discussion of the Fourteen Minotaurs makes some really useful points and I want to address some of them here as well as clear up some possible errors in understanding regarding my methodology and my own interpretation of the results. 

To be clear the work that I am doing with Raziel is actually with the entity known as the Archangel Raziel as opposed to the Book of Raziel.  This work is undertaken through contact on the astral plane (using Kabbalah) and takes the form of telepathic messages (regarding the nature of time travel) that appear in the form of a ''compressed'' sentence or a ''lesson'' on astral work.  I started work with Raziel back in 2002 when after systematically working my way through summoning the Archangels of the Sefirot I received the message ''Abandon the tarot work with the letters''. I followed this command and studied the SY intensely for around seven years but didn't receive another communication for ten years by which point I lived in Prague, Czech Republic and was working on Jupiter Magic with Miller, Salem, Opus, Ashen Chassan, Magdalene, Bradford et al.  The messages and lessons became more frequent when I moved to Edward Kelley's Tower in 2013 and began the 231 Gates project, died off again for about a year after I fled in terror, and at the moment they are happening around once or twice a month.

According to Raziel then, the reason the possible timelines of your life end up reducing to 14 (from the various infinities offered us by the many worlds interpretation) is that the vast majority of alternate personal timelines are dead (unrealisable) because they do not take place in timelines which end in the ''invention of time travel'' and therefore never ''cohere'' in the first place.  The 14 surviving possibilities of you (our minotaurs) are derived from the aggregation of various yes-no decisions that end up culminating in the same set of significant events. That these 14 are planetary seems to be bound up with the notion of them being derived from the essence of story itself.  Magick, allows you to move between these variations at ''robust branching moments'' but each one has a future which is preexisting, therefore you are selecting a universe as opposed to creating new ones, or ''influencing probability'' in this one.  Only fourteen minotaurs run through the labyrinth of your soul.

Raziel is being very clear that everything in this plane is absolutely determined including the planets. They are not determining us anymore than we are them - we are in sync, everything is in everything - and it is more useful to think of them as a clock as opposed to the causative agent or source of influence.  Most magicians see this idea of destiny as life threatening to the notion of magic itself which is the declaration of supreme free will.  There is an assumption that free will is true, even if nearly all the evidence goes against it, because the ego rebels so strongly against the idea that it has no agency. Not many magicians have really had that conversation with themselves to the extent that they could be having it - for instance temporal entanglement has to come up in the critical analysis of any ''retrocausal'' magickal effects i.e. when you did the magic but the effect had to already be happening before the cause for it to mesh with your life in the way it did - so how does that work?  After thinking about this for a long time now, admittedly under the influence of Raziel, I have come to the conclusion that destiny is a necessity in the construction of the universe that the prison of destiny safeguards the freedom of the astral (deep future) from the pinchpoint which is ''the invention of time travel'' and also that this is worth the sacrifice.  The experience of time in the astral is often much much slower than the real world, if time passes at all but one needs the prison of time in order to step outside of it. As I learn more about my 4d self and how it operates I understand the freedom that will exist after I am dead.

I think what Andrew is talking about (and the ideas for different activities he has) is an entirely valid exploration of these ideas within the model of free will and possibly destiny although I don't think he quite gets the implications of the ''fixed in stone approach'' as he makes frequent references to luck, choices etc and seems to come more from the probability model. I am not saying this to disparage him I am struggling with these implications myself. I have thought a lot about and played around with planetary hyper rituals (rituals for all planets on sacred day and hour, every day) and I am certainly reflecting on the kingships during the day that they reside under but if it has already been determined that I will do that, I am not responsible for those thoughts or actions in quite the same way as before.

When we think of the kingships and their transpositions, e.g. Powerful vs Enslaved, we need to look at them from the personal local perspective as opposed to the global perspective.  I think a lot of magicians these days are way way too caught up in politics and I can't help but think its time taken away from other pursuits, other lines of enquiry.  As you know power and slavery I place under Venus and maybe its better to look at this as to what extent you are hooked on drugs, booze or controlled by a dominant lover and in what sense you use narcotics as opposed to abuse them or are the dominant lover in a relationship - this should certainly vibe with my Thelemic friends - as opposed to whether you are a techno-serf in the global empire.

The connection of Mars to the Kingship of Seed is because Mars was originally an agricultural deity who was converted into a war god because the original Roman soldiers were farmer-soldiers and these farmer-soldiers were organised according to family, clan etc on the Field of Mars.  So seed is central to the Martian ideal although I am not disputing ''energized'' with its link to Martian athleticism or other alternatives.  On this note the Kingship of Peace and War is attributed to Mercury (through the ruling factor of communication both interpersonal and intrapersonal) although this is the one we often think should be with Mars.

This said I think there is a ''self improvement'' danger in occultism where all positive kingships are sought after and the transpositions avoided. We know that being a billionaire or a beautiful star is not necessarily going to make you happy and its strange for people to automatically think it would.  Even being Healthy is not the key to happiness - some of the most anxious and/or boring people I know are health nuts - I would hesitate to describe them as happy. Wisdom is no guarantee - intellectual superiority, the conceit of knowledge are all challenges to true happiness. The Kingships and their transpositions are all about story - you can be happy and poor, you can be happy and sick, likewise you can miserable and healthy.  So I would question Andrew's ''changing life for the better'' - having jumped track a couple of times (through magick) I can't say for sure that the rich track is ''better'' than the ''poor'' track or that dominant is ''better'' than enslaved - honestly - I think all fourteen minotaurs have their stories.  ''Better'' seems to me an aesthetic choice and some people love the grotesque, the tragic and even the evil.  The other thing that is worth bearing in mind is that Raziel seemed to imply that one kingship will always be the dominant one in determining the quality of the archetypal version of yourself you are experiencing and therefore that it is impossible to have all seven switched on to their ''better'' versions. In my understanding and experience Eudaimonia is not about simultaneously experiencing all seven aspects of the good life.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The 231 Gates and Time Travel - I

Their End is imbedded in their beginning
and their beginning in their end
Like a flame in a burning coal
For the Master is Singular,
He has no Second,
And before One, what do you count? 

1:7 Sefer Yetzirah, Gra Version

I started the work on time travel during my stay at Edward Kelley's Tower in the Donkey and Cradle House in Prague and many of the posts on the Hermetic Lessons made during that time were taken down which is why 2014 seems like a particularly weak year for the blog.  Those posts relate to the 231 Gates project which I was undertaking with the use of the so-called Time Phone, which is itself an interpretation and application of the Sefer Yetzirah passages that relate to those self-same gates and to the golem, galgal and Gilgul.  During those experiments various phenomena involving time (time freezing; rejuventation or time rewinding; communications from entities in the ''future'') were experienced on top of the background haunting of the tower itself.   These experiences and the experiments themselves were mind bendingly complicated and riddled with paradoxes.  Subsequent work, both theoretical and practical, followed with the assistance of Raziel in the years that lead to ''Now''.

Twenty-two Foundation Letters:
He placed them in a cirlce
like a wall with 231 Gates.
The Circle oscillates back and forth.
A sign for this is:
There is nothing in good higher than Delight,
There is nothing in evil lower than Plague.

2:4, Sefer Yetzirah, Gra Version

The roots of time travel work are not hard to see in the Sefer Yetzirah.  Ch 2 in the Gra Version is all about the way in which language (the 231 gates being formed from the connections of all 22 letters arranged around a circle and then paired off) is the very substance of time (in the form of astrology), how Deity spoke the Creation.  I have spoken before about the association between this process and what is happening in the nuclei of your cells, the way in which that information is transcribed into proteins, or ''words'' and how this is tied to light entrained circadian rhythms. Of course if you read this section in the imperative, which is entirely possible, then it becomes an instruction manual for how to do this yourself, the He becomes I - you place the letters in the circle.

The language in The Arrival is rendered in a very similar way to the 231 Gates  - we see linguists drawing lines between and linking up different sections of the Heptapods circles of ink to comprehend the meaning, the symbolic nature of various roots are discovered until we finally understand that this language will change our perception of time to non-linear.  The film deviates from the scifi about half way through to examine the emotional impact such a way of viewing time (the future as prexisting)  would have on a person - would they then truly value the moments that they do have more, savouring each one, etc?  Yes, but for those who do, that attitude will already have been predetermined surely.  To me the more interesting scifi was in the creatures themselves - Lovecraftian yes but Yetziratic too.  What are they?  Are they like 4-5d hands and fingers writing on reality, are we stories and characters of theirs or do we evolve into them?  Why do they need us?  The retrocausal questions were very similar to Interstellar and it seemed that both films were in essence about the same thing.

Back to the 231 Gates Project and where 2017 will lead.  The larger goals of the Great Work to Know Thyself and to find the Philosopher's Stone are unaffected in order to answer both of those questions we have to wrestle with Cronus.  What have we learned so far?  Well ''If time travel is possible then it will happen therefore it already has'' so questions emerge a) where are all the time travellers? b) what is to stop someone going back in time to change time in such a way that time travel is not possible?  The alternative to this is that time travel is not possible so the whole exercise is, has been and will be futile.

According to Raziel the time travel paradox of going back in time and altering time in order to stop the invention of time travel is not possible because the period of time leading up to the invention of time travel is protected - like a museum and therefore everything is predetermined - and also that it is the invention of time travel that kind of ''ties the universe together'' and so that protection or tying up of time is a necessary factor of existence itself.  There are parallell unvierses but a lot less than we expect, this is because most potential timelines do not ''end'' or ''start'' in time travel and therefore do not exist.  But there a few, according to Raziel (and I suppose the Sefer Yetzirah?) we have around fourteen each.   This is the extent of free will in the museum, selecting which of the fourteen exhibits (of ''yourself'') you see and for how long you see them but they are fixed and finite.  After death you would go back through the reversiverse.

In order for the museum to be truly closed (and finite) the ''invention'' must happen in the past as well as the future - these moments are called the pinchpoints.  The past and future past the pinchpoints are absolutely free, or untied, but they would not be realisable without that knot.  At the moment of the invention of time travel, hordes of timetravellers will spontaneously appear and time will merge (?) with space.  These timetravellers will appear incredibly alien - whether humans have morphed beyond all reckoning by then, or that these alien appearances are in fact necessary components of the time travelling suits such entities would wear, I don't know.  What I have been told is that they will be coming back along those lines from the future to their ''Year 0'', i.e. the pinchpoint, which acts as a kind of Mecca from a Time Traveller's perspective.  Something somehow similar must happen in the past as well - more mindbending problems for 2017!

He permuted them, weighed them, and transformed them,
Alef with them all and all of them with Alef
Bet with them all and all of them with Bet.
They repeat in a cycle and exist in 231 Gates.
It comes out that all is formed
And all that is spoken
Emanates from one name.

2:5 Sefer Yetzirah, Gra Version

What is the ''invention'' of time travel, does it really need high energy particle accelerators to achieve or does it already exist as consciousness - are the birth and death of language themselves the source/invention of time travel - if so is the pinchpoint we are approaching the death of language - what does that look like?  Is that what happens when the timetraveller swarms emerge?  Are we literally lost for words?  Is that realisable?  Earlier work on the Metabolism of Time shows how our character generates an attitude to time, or vice versa.  Our minds time travel constantly and inaccurately through memories and imagination - to what extent can these faculties be polished like a diamond - truly reflecting the future and the past?  Is our mind the source of anti-time and are we therefore time travellers already - just with greater and lesser degrees of understanding? Can I then see the deep future or is the death of language the death of realisation itself, does my language really determine what I can see? 

In the past I have always enjoyed spirits that can reduce me to an inarticulate wow.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Hermetic Lessons

I started the Hermetic Lessons blog to attempt to spread the material on the Metabolism of Time into the wider consciousness of the Western Mystery Tradition as well as providing opinions and insights on the practical application of magick in general.  Whilst being a published author gives legitimacy and to some extent a small (?) living (?) I don't need the money and I don't think small prints of books are the best way of disseminating ideas although I do think they can be beautiful objects.  One of the potential problems with ''authors'' and their effect on the community as I see it is the temptation to sit on ideas or research until they become books reducing the immediacy and potential range of their impact.  How many ideas died this way before they even became books?

Since I started the blogosphere has mainly died off (with some notable exceptions) in favour of magicians dicking about on facebook/tumblr or engaging in futile political rants because a) that is a damn sight easier than having to write a blogpost and b) it generates more social traffic these days.  I prefer blogging to such social media chit chat and posturing because of what it does to the relationship I have with my ideas.  I am sure there are still a few bloggers who can resonate with this. Anyway there has been a renewed interest in the blog over the last couple of months and partially I think it is to do with the lack of geunine content being produced elsewhere (again with notable exceptions).  I wish it wasn't this way but it kind of is. 

I made a post about Cellular Consciousness a few days ago which has a set of links that can guide you to what I think are the core discoveries of the Blogos and its these ideas that I am mainly trying to spread around so please help with that if you can.  I understand there is an intellectual gap when it comes to knowledge of the sciences in the occult community but have a go at wrapping your head around the ideas as they will enrich your perspective on your own innner being and how it relates to this model of consciousness.  For people who are struggling to make headway in the WMT at all or are realising that ''material'' desire fulfilment might not be the be all and end all of being involved in the mysteries I just want to give a few points of advice, I think these few things saved me a great deal of wasted time getting lost in the labyrinth.

1. Raja Yoga, Dzogchen or something similar - this should form part of your practice as early as possible.  The idea of restraining oneself from and observing other practises i.e. vegetarianism is perfect training for the will and the way in which the system then applies that will to more challenging states - asanas, pranayamas, pratayharas - finally culminating in an apprehension of the true nature of mind is vital for rapid progress.

2. Pulling  - When trying to affect the physical world around you (and I don't mean levitating stuff) direct your psychic influence through pulling rather than pushing.  Holding your fingers to your temple and attempting to push stuff about, as it is portrayed in many comic books and other fiction,  will not work at all because that is the wrong part of your brain - the frontal cortex is the seat of the will and is really good at stopping you doing things but not that useful for direct influence.  You need to use the back of your brain and the ''force'' (whatever it is) is directed into yourself (drawn in to the pineal and cerebellum) as opposed to pushed out (from the pineal).

3. Astral Body -  As discussed repeatedly throughout the Hermetic Lessons your true nature is mental, you inhabit a mental universe which is made of your sensations, perceptions, thoughts and concepts, which is in itself buried somewhere in the rest of your mind which may or not actually be in a physical body in a physical universe.  One of the easy mistakes to make when astrally projecting is that a lot of advice sites tell you to imagine your astral body rising out of your body and what this tends to do is shift your imaginary perspective to a third point where you are trying to see that body rise out of your physical body.  Lots of time can be wasted here.  Lie on your back and then pull yourself up on to the astral plane you are already in your astral body right now you don't need to imagine anything.

4. Jewish Kabbalah.  I was lucky in that I only poured a few years into the deeply flawed and logically inconsistent systems of so-called ''Hermetic Qabalah'' that the Western Mystery Tradition largely relies upon before a small band of plucky Kabbalistic mentors saved me from this massive (mostly) time waste.  It should be a no-brainer.   If you are going to study ''QBL'' then include a great deal of Jewish sources from the get go - I started with Kaplan, Idel, Scholem and Hallamish.  If you don't do this then you are perversely maintaining a kind of weird ignorance about one of the most important foundations of what you do and you need to have a good long conversation with yourself about why you are doing that.  Its bizarre and illogical so sort it out.

5. Purity.  I dimissed the notion of religious cleanliness, virginity, innoncence, etc in the WMT for a long time as unnecessary historical baggage but I see that a clear heart is fundamental to success in these endeavours and that I recieved this training from the East.  I am not talking here about Faustian pacts with spirits to get you all that bling and worldy adventure that you desire I am talking about accessing higher realms in astral form.  ''You'' are ''your'' own worst enemy when it comes to keeping ''you'' mired in 3d delusional reality and the egoic babble of anxiety, pride, malice etc will block all entry to higher worlds.  Bathing, wearing white, anything that establishes the ideas of cleanliness, openness and innoncence is practically beneficent but most importantly you have to quell that egoic noise as much as possible.  I can blame most of my failure on this and I am sure you can too.

Anyway a few things to think about and have a Merry Christmas everyone!  If you do pledge to write more in the New Year - stick to your promise this time, eh?  The next month should have given everyone who is anyone time to see the Arrival and we'll be continuing with why the two images above are closer than you think when it comes to ''exploring'' non-linear time and its relationship with language.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Astral Projection - Angelic Alien Insects II

How many more days can we take in the hope of seeing you
Oh Rustin Man
I can't deny this is you again
Little little little I know
But how the hold is holding you
Lets all get out of frame
Oh Rustin Man
I can't deny this is you again, gema, gema, gema... 
Beth Gibbons, Out of Season 
Last night I had a very intense astral experience that I would like to share although the disclaimer is that in these kind of posts the description is going to come across as a little scrambled. Where I am not sure exactly sure what it was I've just given a little ? to indicate that confusion.

I was reading the book ''I am a Strange Loop'' by Douglas Hofstadter of which I can manage about ten to twelve pages at a time because I feel like the man is hitting me in the face with a thought hammer (in a good way). He has been discussing the idea of self consciousness as a kind of video feedback loop or the infinite regress of the self when juxtaposed between two mirrors.  I had just finished an exploration of the list of concepts a dog might have and whether ''my paw'' is one of them and had been reading the section on the ''nested'' concepts that can emerge from the original concept of offspring (mother, mother of mother, child of child, etc) and how at the source of this tangled nesting of concepts rests I-ness.  I started applying that to the material of the Metabolism of Time and how when I observe a ''grocery store stand'' I am actually observing this set of nested concepts - line, queue, money, change, grocery store stand candy, customer, till operator, etc etc - in the actual image displayed as it is in my mind.


Thus triggered, when I closed my eyes the field was rippling and bristling with colour/purpose and I was slipping into a dream like trance before sleep but I became aware of activity in my subconscious like something or someone (it felt human) was searching through the archives in my mind - using me like a library but for something mundane like referencing rather than some kind of Inception type thing. This did not feel hostile, in fact I got the sense that this is actually regularly going on between human beings and is simply part of a psychological ecosystem of which we remain blissfully unaware. Although I didn't feel threatened the sensation of being rifled through shook me out of my reverie but the field remained, inviting me up.

As I approached the field, the standard ''astral larvae'' - demons of earthly doubt, insecurity, distraction - gathered around me and I immediatly, instinctively constructed the merkavah.  This took the form of an impenetrable hypersphere replete with runes of protection though the speed at which the merkavah appeared as I conjured it shocked me as did the language which the runes were written in - it could easily have been Encohian (?) feeling alien and earthly at the same time*.  This was not my car. When I spoke to my sister about this she suggested that the ''person'' that had been rifling through my mind hadn't been trying to take information away but was actually putting information in. I astrally project in a hypersphere fairly regularly (using Hebrew) but this experience was like going to the garage to get in your trusty Volvo and finding it had been swapped for an M1 - Abrams Battletank.

Then the hypersphere moved at incredible speeds (into what?  where?) so much so that the air (?) felt solid, that I was smashing through it, like ranks of brick walls and then I realised it wasn't space, but time that I was travelling (tunnelling?) through.  I felt the shock waves behind me crystallising into what I can only describe as ''time husks'' - echoes of my passage - like the smash-outs that cartoon characters leave when they run through walls.  Out of the astral fog (?) in front of me emerged/crystallized some kind of ball, like a multi-leveled interlocking series of transparent blue-grey fragments of spheres that together made up some kind of sphere thing (?) that seemed intelligent and alive - rotating, pulsating, coruscating.  It began to communicate with me but I cannot for the life of me recall what it told me or how it spoke.

Then I was transported and landed (?) on board some kind of ship/ferry (?) in a lounge (?) - it felt like this - and confronted two beings, wearing suits (?) with an insectoid (stick insect, mantis?) appearance (the helmets had some kind of trunk, proboscis (?)).  Outside the sky (?) was thick black with purple mists and they had with them a translucent rectangluar suitcase which contained a thin (?) black, purple tinted fluid (some kind of oil? - was the space then this fluid to, were we in some kind of ''submarine''?).  I had two moments with them, in the first one they were startled (?) that I was there, then I felt that they gave me a moment (to give them a pass maybe, but this was not asked for, or just to let me look) before booting me off.  In the first moment I was as equally startled as them and just got a good look at them, in the second moment I was focused on the suitcase (?) and extremely curious about what the substance was (it felt like some kind of fuel).  I felt those moments were being slowed down by the beings, like when a fly sees in slow motion to avoid a swatting newspaper.

This was a very powerful and invigorating experience, probably one of the most intense I have ever had - in the top three certainly.  The notion of an infinity tunnel of consciousness from I am a Strange Loop was extremely useful and the upgrade in my vehicle, if that is what happened, will probably be lasting, I feel that I know I can build/use that again, even if I am not sure exactly how it works.  The three experiences - insanely intense speed, the meeting with the sphere thing (Sefirah?), and the encounter with the insects/beings in insect suits - were all profound and this all happened within the space of 3-5mins.  The sense I have is of projecting into the deep deep future (I felt incredibly far away in time) and how alien that future seemed, how far beyond our ability to grasp it really is.  I still feel both humbled in soul but I am inflated with curiosity, wonder and amazement. I feel impossibly grateful for this relationship with Raziel for guiding me to the Sefer Yetzirah, for the journey to the tower, for teaching me about astral projection and time travel.  I genuinely feel like this guy has my back, whoever or whatever he really is.  Although these ''angelic alien insects'' keep kicking me out of the astral plane and there could be a paranoid interpretation of these astral events, I get the sense that they are incredibly benign beings.

God knows how I adore life,
When the wind turns on the shore lies another day
I cannot ask for more
When the time bell blows my heart
And I have scored a better day
Well nobody made this war of mine
And the moments that I enjoy
A place of love and mystery
I'll be there anytime
Mysteries of love
Where war is no more
I'll be there anytime

Beth Gibbons, Out of Season

*The time dependent model would be a good explanation of how Enochian can seem earthly and alien.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Time Travel - Fourteen Minotaurs

Not only have I imagined these games, I have also meditated on the house.  All parts of the house are repeated many times, any place is another place.  There is no one pool, manger or drinking trough; the mangers, drinking troughs and courtyard pools are fourteen (infinite) in number.  The house is the same size as the world; or rather it is the world.  However, by dint of exhausting the courtyards with pools and the dusty gray stone galleries I have reached the street and seen the Temple of the Axes and the Sea.  I did not understand this til a night vision revealed to me that the seas and temples are also fourteen (infinite) in number.  Everything is repeated many times, fourteen times, but two things in this world only seem to be repeated once: above, the intricate sun; below Asterion.  Perhaps I have created the stars and the sun and this enormous house, but I no longer remember.

The House of Asterion, Jorge Luis Borges

According to Raziel there are not an infinite variety of ''yourselves'' in different timelines only 14 variations. The vast majority of timelines and versions of you do not cohere and are effectively dead or non-existent - much like the vastness of space is mostly supervoid.  The 14 variations of you that survive have preexisting histories and you cannot change any of what happens to them - they are your 14 personal fates.  What you can do is, at certain moments in your life, use a branching moment to swap between them - like you can change tramlines but not drive the tram as you wish. Although people often think magick is about creating new realities from infinity it is really about changing tracks in a much smaller ''world''.

The 14 variations are based on the 7 planetary kingships and their 7 inverses:

  • Wisdom vs Idiocy (Saturn)
  • Wealth vs Poverty (Jupiter)
  • Fertility vs Infertility (Mars)
  • Health vs Illness (Sol)
  • Power vs Slavery (Venus)
  • Peace vs War (Mercury)
  • Beauty vs Ugliness (Luna)

They exist because they are woven out of the very fabric of story itself.*  What that means right now is that you are one of these archetypal 14 - the healthy one, the poor one, etc - and although we are all at any moment a ratio of all 14 principles, one will be king.  To some extent you are free to form an opinion on these worldly conditions - some find misery in riches, some find strength and art in the adversity of illness, etc.  The poor and sick have their adventures and their contributions to the story are as vital and valid as those of the rich and powerful.  Some choose the poor line for monkish reasons, others for revolutionary ones.  If you are unhappy with the story of your life you can change tracks to another one.

The lines are effectively woven out of a median self, an ''average'' version of you that does not exist in any of the 14 but only ''mathematically'' - for example the rich and poor versions will only be relative to this median self, for some it may be the difference between lower middle class and upper middle class or for some there may be a true rags to riches story and vice versa.

The lines are joined by robust branching moments and the way these moments manifest are significant events, which are preceded by synchronicities.  As you approach a significant event, and therefore a chance to change lines, you will notice an uptick in the number of synchronicities.  As you recede from the event this number will decrease - think the Doppler Effect but applied to timelines.**  The vast majority of yes/no decisions in any given moment aggregate towards the same robust branching moments.


In practising planetary magic what you are actually doing is noticing the moments to change planetary tracks and then steadying yourself on that track so you don't inadvertently swap back to another track.  For example, ''Jupiter magic'' will guide you to the wealth line and then more proactive Jupiter magic will maintain you on that track.  Although there are 14 versions of ''you'' and therefore ''you'' are still trapped by Fate, there are many different routes through them.

Although discussing Fate in this way and our very limited abilities to choose our own adventure may sound ''doomy'' in reality it is central to the way in which Zeus slays Cronus.  By embracing a ''4D'' block time perspective as opposed to a ''3D'' linear time perspective the God of Lightning (massless time travelling light) slays the God of Time (perishable ''linear'' matter).  If you are questioning what you should do next, or why you are here, what the planets are doing is realising the confounding infinity of the chaos of the universe (most of which is dead, uninhabitable or ''unrealisable'') into these 14 navigable beams which ''cohere'' because they are based on the fundamental principles of story and produce our archetypal selves.  If health is important to you then you contact Sol, if wisdom is important then Saturn, if beauty then Luna.

What will my redeemer be like?  I ask myself.  Will he be a bull or a man? Will he perhaps be a bull with the face of a man?  Or will he be like me?

The House of Asterion, Jorge Luis Borges

*All of these stories also culminate in the invention of time travel which is why they cohere in the first place.
**This is important when navigating time via synchronicities.  If you are focused on the synchronicities themselves as opposed to their frequency or the significant event they are indicating you can miss opportunities to change lines.